Like a lot of good stories, it began with a breakup. Sort of.

It really began with Elana Brynes, surviving icy winters at Boston University in her favorite sweatshirt, which just happened to belong (originally) to her boyfriend. Then came the breakup, and she was heartbroken—because he asked for that sweatshirt back!

The boyfriend was just a man, but the sweatshirt was an obsession.

Why? Because it was so unbelievably comfortable, she wanted to wear the sweatshirt constantly. Go everywhere in it. Live in it. Which got her thinking. If she felt this strongly about it, most likely others would, too. So she decided to cut out the middleman—by creating the perfect "boyfriend hoodie."

Perfect, because it would be better. Not just insanely soft, but fashion-forward. Tailored. Exclusive. Like nothing else out there.

Elana’s vision was a marriage of comfort and fashion—so distinctive, so amazing, that you would literally pull it out of the dirty laundry, just to wear it again. And again. And again… Clothes fit to live in, that fit your standout style.

And so Kings of Cole was born—beginning with boyfriend hoodies and growing to a full line of casual-cool loungewear. All of it made with the softest-possible fabrics, tailored to fit. In vibrant colors, with accents and detailing that no one else has.

It’s sexy sophistication, and a celebration of who you are—your confidence, your style, and your rule-your-own-life attitude. It’s clothing that says, "the world's your kingdom".

We bet it will become your obsession, too.

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